Commercial Disputes

Our expertise across multiple technology verticals enables us to offer insightful expertise in the types of disputes early stage businesses can face.

We have particular expertise in handling disputes in the Information Technology, Media and Telecommunications sectors, such as those arising out of supply, licensing, outsourcing and joint venture agreements. A fundamental aspect of dealing with such disputes is that they involve multiple parties and often multiple jurisdictions.

Our acute understanding of the IT sector and the way in which a technology project is run means we are ideally placed to help you avoid, manage and resolve technology disputes.

We act for all parties – technology customers, software suppliers and developers, project managers and sub-contractors. We understand the customer’s priorities, the concerns of the supplier, change control processes and project management issues. We also regularly work closely with insurers in the sector and have an excellent understanding of their requirements and expectations.

We are adept at providing the rapid response that technology disputes often require - for example, using injunctive procedures. Such matters are often, by their nature, complex, but we are highly experienced in quickly assimilating the difficult technical issues that can arise.

We recognise that protracted disputes are a major distraction to your business. Our main objective, therefore, is to help our clients avoid a dispute happening in the first place. Central to this approach is our belief that "prevention is better than cure", which has resulted in us working with our technology clients to implement, monitor and improve information/document management systems. This also involves providing extensive advice on the principal causes of IT project disputes and the key rules which should be applied in order to avoid them.

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